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Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Therapy Singapore Upper Thomson

Singapore's First Ganbanyoku Japanese Hot Stone Bed Therapy Wellness Centre since 2012

What is "Ganban-Yoku"?

Ganbanyoku, in Japanese, means “bedrock bathing” without hot water. There are thousands of ganbanyoku in Japan where they are highly regarded for their therapeutic powers. Ganbanyoku.SG Japanese Hot Stone Therapy wellness centre is the first to bring in authentic volcano rock beds from Japan and we have been open for business since 2012. We have 4 therapy rooms with a total of 19 authentic hot stone beds. And the beds are heated 24 hours by hot water pipes which cause the stone beds to all radiate far-infrared (FIR) and emit negative ions.

A little bit similar to an infrared sauna, yet gentler and more penetrating. At the end of a typical Ganbanyoku session you will feel relaxed yet energized. Externally you will also notice a difference, your skin will glow, feeling smooth and rejuvenated. The summer heat will seem less oppressive and you will be infused with an overall sense of well being.

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